Imitation leather patches are one of the many items available in our range for labelling clothing and textile accessories. In addition to jacquard labels, cardboard labels or traditional jacquard applications, eco-leather patches are an interesting and original alternative in product labelling. Their characteristic texture and design make them particularly well suited for labelling outerwear, various types of jackets and sweatshirts, but that’s not all. Eco-leather emblems also look great on hats, gloves, handbags, children’s blankets or shoes.

Eco-leather patches

As a manufacturer of labels and other elements for labelling, we have a comprehensive range of products that enable effective branding of your products. Applications made of eco-leather are an excellent carrier of the company’s logo, emphasising the specific design of the product. They are extremely stylish, durable and elegant.

We offer two methods of finishing eco-leather: laser engraving and embossing.

  • Laser engraving allows us to obtain any shape of the emblem, as well as engrave any pattern on it.
  • Embossing is a technique by means of which the selected pattern is pressed into the application. This technique allows the emblem to be refined by using a special metallised foil, thanks to which the embossed pattern obtains a very attractive, metallic finish.

Why choose eco-leather?

Eco-leather applications as an element of labelling can perform various functions. They are very elegant and durable, so they will be perfect as the main emblem with your brand logo. Thanks to their original design, they will also perfectly complement other labelling, in the form of jacquard labels or a cardboard label. Synthetic leather applications add elegance and prestige to the product. Leather has always been associated with something exclusive and expensive.

Wearing natural leather currently raises a lot of controversy, so products made of imitation leather enjoy much greater interest and sympathy. The durability and strength of eco-leather means that it is still associated with something solid and valuable. So, if you want to emphasise the value and high quality of your products, the use of eco-leather applications for labelling them will be the perfect choice.