Jacquard woven labels

Jacquard woven labels are the most popular labelling method used by producers, designers and manufacturers around the world. Jacquard is an extremely prestigious and elegant fabric, which is undoubtedly characterised by incredible durability and high aesthetics. In the past, jacquard fabrics were the domain of high-ranking people, symbolising splendour and wealth. Today, jacquard is used and available on a much larger scale. However, its symbolism and value are still associated with elegance, excellent quality and prestige. Jacquard woven labels are produced in a similar way to traditional jacquard fabrics – by weaving.

Woven labels – how are they made?

The production of the jacquard labels that you will receive requires efficient cooperation of the entire production line, operated by qualified employees. It all starts in our graphic department, where experienced graphic designers create the design and visualisation of your woven label. This design is created in a special program so that in the next step it can be identified by the weaving loom software. Modern weaving machines weave jacquard ribbon based on the uploaded design. The final stage of the production of jacquard labels is cutting. Cutting machines cut and fold labels, giving them their final shape. Ready jacquard woven labels undergo quality control and only then are packed and sent to customers.

Why jacquard?

Jacquard woven labels are just one of the labelling elements you can order from Scala. However, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the basis, the core of labelling, around which further “branches” can be built in order to comprehensively label the product. Due to their impeccable quality, aesthetics and durability, jacquard woven labels are an ideal carrier for your logo. They always represent the company with dignity, making the product recognisable. Modern weaving machines, as well as innovative sublimation printing methods, allow us to create jacquard woven labels that guarantee perfect reproduction of graphics or logos.

Application of jacquard labels

Jacquard woven labels are used in many branches of the textile and clothing industry. Jacquard labels are used by both designers of exclusive women’s and men’s clothing, as well as manufacturers of children’s clothing and textiles, manufacturers of sports clothing and accessories, as well as manufacturers of footwear, upholstered furniture, bed linen, toys, promotional gadgets, and workwear.

Custom jacquard labels

In our range you will find jacquard woven labels perfectly suited to your needs. We offer the production of jacquard labels with a variety of finishes, tailored to your expectations, as well as to the product they will be labelling. We can produce woven labels for you in the following packaging methods:

  • Thermally cut into sections
  • Pressed halfway – tag
  • Double-sided crimped ends
  • Single sided crimped end
  • Zip puller tag
  • Hanger
  • Manhattan
  • Jacquard stickers
  • Leaflet
  • Asymmetric pressed ends

In addition to various methods of packaging, we also offer several ways of cutting labels that affect the final effect of the product. Thermal cutting is the cheapest and simplest form of finishing jacquard labels. For more demanding customers, we offer ultrasonic cutting, while for the most complex projects we use laser cutting. It allows you to get any shape of the label, and at the same time guarantees the highest standard of finish.

In addition, at the customer’s request, we also offer the service of binding labels and jacquard ribbons.