Effective labelling of clothing and textile products affects brand recognition as well as perception. Although everyone knows that we should not judge the proverbial book by its cover, most of us make many purchasing decisions this way. We buy what catches our eye. We choose products that we know and associate well. So when building your brand identity, you need to ensure that customers perceive your products in this way. You will help make your brand visible by taking care of effective labelling. Remember, however, that it also has to be consistent with your brand and carry a message. Labelling needs to represent the value and prestige of your brand. You can choose from a variety of labelling methods, from cut-to-length labels, through cardboard labels, printed labels, to printed ribbons or elastomers. Choose them wisely and let your customers know that you are there.

Labels thermally cut into sections

Sections, i.e. labels thermally cut into sections, are a very popular type of jacquard labels, eagerly chosen by manufacturers of women’s, men’s, children’s and sports clothing. This type of cutting allows you to obtain a woven label with specific dimensions and graphics, all sides of which are thermally cut, thanks to which the label does not fray.

Jacquard sew-on labels

Jacquard woven labels in the form of sections are most often used for sewing on the finished product. Some manufacturers sew them on all sides, others choose only two sides that will be sewn on. Cut-to-length labels can be sewn on to the product by hand or by machine. You can use them as the main label with the company logo, or as a supplementary label with the size or washing instructions.

Jacquard labels – sections

Woven labels in the form of a thermally cut section are used in a wide variety of products. We can meet them, among others:

  • on hats and gloves
  • inside jackets
  • on sports bags/suitcases
  • sporting accessories
  • on sweatshirts
  • upholstered sofas

The use of this type of labels is very diverse. If you have any doubts as to whether this type of label is suitable for your product, please write to us. Our consultants will help you choose the right products that will effectively label your products.