Jacquard clothing labels

Jacquard woven labels are commonly used to label various types of textile products, clothing, furniture or sports/tourist equipment. Among the various types of jacquard woven labels, such as tag labels, woven labels with one-sided pressed ends or zip tags, there are those that are most often used for labelling clothes. End fold are just one of these models of jacquard labels.

Jacquard labels with double-sided pressed ends

Woven labels with double-sided pressed ends are most often used to label clothing. They are usually sewn around the neck. Labels with double-sided pressed ends are an effective carrier of a logo or company name. Often, however, they are enriched with information about the size of the product. In this way, one label combines the promotional and informative function.

End fold – where to use them

Pressed ends are a characteristic type of label most often used for labelling clothing, as well as textile products, such as towels or kitchen textiles. Jacquard labels with double-pressed ends are sewn onto the product. They contain special pressed “arms”, with the help of which the label is connected with the product. As a result, the place of sewing is invisible, and the surface with the logo is properly exposed. Labels with pressed ends are often used by textile manufacturers as so-called hangers. In this case, the label combines the advertising function with the practical function that allows the product to be hung on a hanger.

Effective product labelling – end fold and more

However, if you want the label with the logo to have only a representative function, you can choose another solution. Many manufacturers decide to order a labelling set, which, apart from the main label with the logo, also contains size labels – e.g. in the form of a jacquard tag, printed labels with washing instructions and information about the composition, cardboard labels and clothing seals. In this way, you get a complete set of products labelling your products. With these products, they will be recognisable and safe. It is worth investing in the comprehensive labelling of your products. In this way, you will raise their prestige, and also strengthen your brand. No-name companies do not beat the competition. Strong and visible brands do. Decide for yourself who you want to be and what kind of company you want to develop. We will be happy to help you grow and become more and more important in your industry.