Printed labels, or clothing labels, are an indispensable element for labelling clothing and various types of textile accessories. Printed textile labels are the basic carrier of information about the care of the product, the composition of the fabric and the manufacturer. Washing instructions, size, composition, as well as the company logo are the most frequently placed information on printed labels. In accordance with applicable law, each product must have specific information.

What information must be included on a clothing label?

In accordance with EU regulations, clothing and textile products must be labelled with information on the composition of the material from which they were made, as well as the method of product maintenance and the name/logo of the manufacturer. While logos are currently most often placed on jacquard labels, the composition, size and maintenance are usually found on printed labels. There are several reasons for this. First of all, printed labels are cheaper than jacquard woven labels. Due to the fact that they usually contain many variables, they are produced in smaller quantities, but with different options. Printed labels usually also contain a lot more text – some manufacturers put all the necessary information on them in several languages. For this reason, the printing option is much more economical in this case.

Where are printed labels placed?

Printed labels containing the composition of the raw material and the method of maintenance are most often sewn into the side seam. Size labels, on the other hand, are most often found in the neck seam. Some manufacturers decide to put all the information on one printed label. Others break up individual data into several labels. Size labels separately, washing instructions separately, raw material composition separately, and the company logo separately. The decision is up to you and the specifics of your product. Printed labels are often also used to label different product series. This makes it easier to keep tagging consistent while having many different tag variables.

Printed labels

As a manufacturer of printed labels, we offer labels printed using the thermal transfer and sublimation methods. Thermal transfer labels are divided into:

  • Nylon labels
  • Satin labels
  • Transparent labels

Sublimation labels are further divided into:

  • Satin
  • Grosgrain
  • Herringbone

Depending on the customer’s needs and the specificity of the product, we print labels on a variety of substrates, which allows for a specific effect.

We print thermal transfer labels on nylon, satin or transparent ribbon. These are black and white labels. This type of printing is characterised by fast processing of small orders with a large number of variables – size, barcodes, article number.

Sublimation woven labels are printed on satin, grosgrain ribbon and herringbone ribbon. Their characteristic structure allows for a very interesting effect, while the possibilities of sublimation printing guarantee perfect reproduction of graphics and colours in a full palette of colours. Here we can use tonal transitions, print photos and the most complex graphics.