Product labelling is important for the brand because it affects its recognition. Building long-term relationships with the consumer is largely based on effective communication. The elements you use to label your products are channels of this communication. So you have to make sure that they “speak” loudly, clearly, without interference, but in a language that will reach your recipient. You’ll succeed when you get to know your potential customer better. You have to learn his language, find out what his needs are, and then show him through the appropriate language and channels that you know how to meet his needs.

Jacquard tags and communication with the consumer

Jacquard labels are one of the “channels” through which you can communicate with your customers. However, you need to know who this channel will reach. Woven labels are an alternative to cardboard hangtags, but can also be a complement to them. Jacquard is an extremely noble fabric that gives the product elegance and style. Jacquard labels are an innovative method of labelling, which is perfect for labelling exclusive products. So if you produce and sell such products, be sure to consider this labelling method. It will be effective because it “speaks” a language that your target group understands.

What are woven tags?

Jacquard labels, or woven labels, are an innovative product that was created to meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. Their task, similarly to cardboard labels, is to inform the customer about the product. They are the carrier of the company’s logo and are supposed to attract attention, which they can do with ease due to the aesthetic qualities of the jacquard. Jacquard hangtags look extremely elegant, thanks to the appropriate stiffening, as well as the possibility of inserting eyelets, you can easily attach them to the product with a string or a clothing seal.