Jacquard woven labels for your product

Jacquard labels are an ideal product for labelling textiles, clothing, and more. Half-folded woven labels can be found on, for example, upholstered furniture, bags and suitcases, or sports equipment. Center fold labels next to cut-to-length labels and labels with pressed ends, one of the most frequently chosen and used labels. They owe their popularity to a large spectrum of applications, as well as a large working surface.

Center fold labels

Half-pressed jacquard labels, i.e. popular tags, are designed to be sewn into the seam of the product. Their characteristic pressing makes it possible to use two sides of the label to place graphics or text. Many manufacturers use this feature of the tag to place both the logo or company name on one label, as well as information on product care, website address or address of the company store.

The use of half-pressed labels

Tag labels have a very diverse application. You can use them as the main tag with your logo or company name. You can also take advantage of their large working surface and, in addition to the logo, place the washing recipe and material composition on the other side of the label. The half-pressed jacquard woven labels we offer can have different dimensions. The width of the tag can be from 11 to 100 mm, and its length from 22 to 65 mm. These parameters make the tags suitable for both distinctive and effective labels with a logotype, as well as for subtle, complementary size labels.

Center fold labels in your products

Half-pressed labels, i.e. tags, are labels designed to be sewn into the seam of the product. They are suitable for women’s or men’s clothing. They are most often sewn into the collar or around the neck. You can also sew them into the side seam, in sweatshirts, T-shirts or sports bags. They are also suitable for labelling hats, gloves, leather goods and upholstered furniture.