Printed labels, hangtags, cardboard hangtags are one of the most used methods of product marking. Cardboard hangtags are most often used in the clothing industry, but not only. They are used for marking leather goods, bags, suitcases, accessories, etc. Hangtags perform various functions. Primarily, their task is to inform the customer about the brand/name of the company. Labels should be eye-catching, make the customer remember the logo and associate it with the product.

Offset printed labels

As a manufacturer of marking elements, we make sure that our range is comprehensive. For this reason, it could not be without printed labels. Cardboard labels are printed with an offset printing method which gives unlimited graphic possibilities. We print labels of different weights, shapes, colour schemes, and graphics according to the customer’s requirements. We have a number of decorative features which make the label look even better. UV varnish, soft touch film, or engraving are just some of the refinements that we use in the production of hangtags.

Cardboard hangtags for your product

Cardboard hangtags, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, are most often used with clothing products. They guarantee that the products are new, inform about the manufacturer and carry information about the maintenance. Depending on the needs and vision of the manufacturer or designer, these labels can be folded, single-sided, printed on one side or both sides. The labels have standard holes allowing them to hang on a string, clothing seal, or tag pin. Upon customer request, we also perform custom services such as:

  • threading eyelets into labels
  • string tying
  • folding
  • packing of labels
  • completion of labels
  • deliveries to sewing factories in specified sets and quantities

Hangtags for your needs

The hangtags that we manufacture are fully suitable to your needs. We advise on the choice of paper and weight, we make a visualization of a finished label, and when it is needed we modify the design and optimize it for the product. You can always count on our professional support. We provide knowledge and many years of experience, which enable us to support our customers in the selection of product marking. Modern technologies allow the production of the highest quality cardboard labels which meet the strictest requirements. We fully understand how important it for a brand to maintain quality standards in the smallest details.