Printed ribbons are a popular method of labelling products, which is used in many industries. Stripes in trousers, sweatbands in sports shirts, animal leashes, promotional lanyards, sashes for medals or decorations on bags – these are just some of the areas where printed ribbons are used.

Producer of printed ribbons

Printed ribbons are another way to effectively and effectively label products. As a manufacturer of clothing labels, printed labels, hangtags and many other labelling products, we also offer a wide selection of printed ribbons. We produce polyester printed ribbons:

  • Satin
  • Herringbone
  • Grosgrain
  • Luggage
  • Lanyard
  • Reflective engraving

The possibilities of sublimation printing allow us to create unique ribbon patterns that make products recognisable, unique, and fit into the prevailing trends.

Printed satin ribbons

Satin ribbons are used in various types of personalised promotional products. Ribbons with a logo for wrapping Christmas gifts, printed sashes for hostesses at trade fairs, sashes for participants and winners in beauty contests etc. are just some of the applications for printed satin ribbons. Sublimation printing allows us to print the ribbons on both sides in the selected colour and graphics. As a result, the ribbon can be fully personalised and tailored to the needs of the event, product or other application.

Printed herringbone ribbons

The popular herringbone ribbons are widely used in the clothing industry to reinforce seams, hems and finish fabrics. They are used in clothing hems, as well as in finishing various types of textiles, such as bedding, pillows and bedspreads. The herringbone ribbon is characterised by a soft structure, which is why it is ideal, for example, for clothing sweatbands. Thanks to the possibility of sublimation printing on it, we are able to create a herringbone ribbon with your logo that is beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this, it will become an ideal product for finishing various types of textile and clothing products, which will decorate and promote your brand at the same time.

Printed grosgrain ribbons

Grosgrain ribbons are distinguished by a ribbed structure and very high strength. Grosgrain ribbons are used in both the clothing and textile industries – they are used for sewing clothing and textiles, as well as the advertising industry – they can be used as a gift wrapping ribbon or an element of other promotional accessories such as promotional lanyards. Sublimation printing allows us to create fancy graphic patterns, thanks to which grosgrain ribbons gain a new face and can become a great decoration and advertising medium for your company.

Printed luggage ribbons

Printed luggage ribbons are distinguished by a much higher grammage than herringbone ribbons or grosgrain ribbons. They are very durable, which is why they are perfect for the production of bags, suitcases, as well as leashes for animals. Luggage ribbons with sublimation printing are distinguished by excellent colour saturation, excellent graphics reproduction, and at the same time reliable durability. They prove that even a typical working product can be visually attractive and aesthetic at the same time.

Printed lanyard ribbons

Printed lanyard ribbons, as the name suggests, are used to produce promotional lanyards. Their structure is soft and durable, making the product durable and at the same time not scratching the skin. Sublimation printed lanyard ribbons guarantee perfect print quality and colour saturation, thanks to which the final effect meets the expectations and satisfies even the most demanding customers.