Scala is a company that offers comprehensive product labelling. Our philosophy is to constantly develop and offer our customers innovative solutions that will make their products even more visible. Elastomers are one of those solutions that appeared in our range precisely because of the need to supplement our range and what we can offer you in the field of labelling.

What are elastomers?

Elastomers are rubber patches used for labelling clothing and many other textile products. Elastomers are made of PVC, which allows for the application of several colours, as well as the achievement of various shapes and the three-dimensional effect. We offer the production of elastomers in any shape chosen by the customer, they can take the form of a so-called zip puller, patches with a special groove for easy sewing, or a smooth application. Elastomer patches are an alternative to the classic jacquard applications, as well as a supplement to other methods of labelling a given product.

Where are elastomer patches used?

Elastomer applications or patches are used in various industries. They work primarily in the clothing industry, in particular in sportswear, children’s clothing and workwear. Elastomers are also commonly used by producers of bags, backpacks and suitcases. Increasingly, elastomers are also used for labelling by manufacturers of shoes, including children’s shoes, as well as manufacturers of sports equipment, prams and medical equipment.

When is it worth using elastomers for labelling?

Elastomers are patches with very specific parameters. They are distinguished from other labelling methods by their extraordinary durability, flexibility and resistance to weather conditions. For this reason, it is worth adding elastomers to other labelling methods used in products, as a supplement to them. For example, if you are a manufacturer of sportswear, your products will certainly have jacquard labels with your company’s logo, and labels printed with the size, composition and washing instructions. Each new jacket or sweatshirt also has a cardboard label that guarantees the originality of the product and carries important information. By adding an elastomer, for example as a zip puller or as an application on a jacket pocket, you will complete the labelling and give the product prestige.

Why use elastomers for labelling?

The durability and resistance of elastomer patches to harsh conditions, repeated washing and cleaning makes this labelling method perfect for products that are particularly exposed to harsh conditions. This is, for example, workwear, medical clothing, or backpacks and suitcases. The elastomer application will be a permanent carrier of your company’s logo, it will not wear off, it will not wash out, but it will represent your brand for a long time.