Promotional lanyards have been one of the most popular promotional gadgets for many years. They are efficient, practical and very effective, which is why lanyards still hold their place amongst the changing marketing trends, as one of the most popular promotional gadgets.

Promotional lanyards in your company

Why do lanyards enjoy such large and long-term popularity? The explanation is quite simple and logical. Over the years, promotional lanyards have become an extremely functional element of our everyday life. Thanks to them, we can easily find our keys in a purse, they allow us to wear an ID badge at a fair, without the need to fasten it, for example, to a blouse. Lanyards are simply very useful, and at the same time represent the brand well. A large print area allows you to display a company slogan, the name of an event or simply the name of the company. Thanks to the various techniques of making lanyards, they will prove themselves both as an economical promotional gadget for customers at trade fairs, as well as an elegant end-of-year gift for regular contractors.

Types of promotional lanyards

As a manufacturer of jacquard labels and many other elements for labelling products, we try to make our range comprehensive and allow our customers to complete comprehensive branding in one place. Promotional lanyards are an important element from the point of view of brand promotion, which is why our range would not be complete without them.

We produce promotional lanyards

  • woven – jacquard,
  • printed – sublimation,
  • subligraphic – woven with sublimation printing.

Each of these techniques allows for the creation of unique, solid and effective promotional gadgets, such as lanyards. Lanyards can have different width and finish.

Promotional lanyards – examples of finishes

  • jacquard ribbon sewn onto a carrier ribbon
  • polyester ribbon with sublimation print
  • ribbon with a sublimation print sewn onto a carrier ribbon
  • PVC connector
  • safety connector
  • whistle connector
  • clip hook
  • telephone tag

Lanyard production minimums

  • Type of lanyard                                Min. production
  • Jacquard lanyard, width 15mm 160 pcs.
  • Jacquard lanyard, width 20mm 120 pcs.
  • Jacquard lanyard, width 25mm 90 pcs.
  • Sublimation lanyard, width 10mm 200 pcs.
  • Sublimation lanyard 15-25 mm 100 pcs.