Welcome to the Scala website. We are a manufacturer of jacquard woven labels, printed woven labels, labels, tags, advertising lanyards, emblems, stickers and many other elements for product marking. Familiarize yourself with our rich offer and see how much we can do for you and your company.

We have been operating in the industry for over 20 years, producing elements marking clothing, textiles, furniture, bags, suitcases, bedding, toys and many other products. During this time, we have significantly developed the machine park, as well as the offer of our products and services. As a manufacturer of jacquard labels and other elements for marking products, we are constantly examining the expectations of our customers. We dynamically respond to new market needs, which is why our offer is enriched each year with new, innovative items, such as running belts or subligraphic jacquard labels.

Manufacturer of the highest quality jacquard labels

Our flagship product is woven labels, also known as labels, woven labels, jacquard labels. Our labels are woven on reliable Swiss looms. Thanks to modern weaving and packaging technology, we produce clothing labels of the highest quality. Perfect weave, fleshy structure, perfect smoothness and depth of colors are the features that distinguish our products. By ordering clothing labels from us, you get a guarantee of a product with the best parameters.

Comprehensive product marking

Scala is a manufacturer of jacquard labels, but not only. In accordance with the mission of our company, we focus on comprehensive support for our contractors in building a strong and visible brand. For this purpose, we are constantly expanding our offer with new products and services that are a response to your needs. We understand how important it is to create a strong and recognizable brand in the era of powerful competition in almost every industry. This is the key to success, gaining new customers and increasing sales.

Manufacturer of jacquard labels, cardboard labels and other marking elements

In our offer you will find the necessary elements for effective marking of your products. We offer:

  • Jacquard labels
  • Printed labels
  • Cardboard labels
  • Printed tapes
  • Jacquard ribbons
  • Keychains
  • Hanger labels
  • Elastomers
  • 3D stickers
  • 2D stickers/adhesive labels
  • Screen printing applications
  • Clothing seals
  • Eco-leathers
  • Promotional Lanyards

What’s more, in addition to the production of elements for marking products, we also offer a number of services that will save your time. We provide, among others, services such as:

  • Branding and rebranding of products;
  • Marking completion;
  • Sewing and stitching;
  • Graphic design;
  • Creation of textile promotional gadgets.

An experienced manufacturer of jacquard woven labels, tags and labels for your business

Jacquard woven labels, cardboard labels, woven tapes or adhesive labels are just some of the products in our range. On our website you will find a detailed description of all the services and products we offer. For over 20 years, we have been producing individual markings for companies and enterprises from various industries. We create, among others:

  • tags for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing;
  • Labels for workwear, medical clothing;
  • Applications for hats, bags, accessories;
  • Eco-leathers labels for branding hats and exclusive textiles;
  • Inventory stickers;
  • Labels for packaging, bottles, jars;
  • Laundry labels printed with washing instructions;
  • Elastomers for traveling bags, zipper pullers;
  • Clothing seals for hanging cardboard labels;
  • Hanger hangers ideal for seasonal promotions and sales;
  • Woven and leather keyrings with the company’s logo, ideal as a gift or an advertising gadget.

Synergy in business – tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how to get it

Over the years of Scala’s operation, cooperation with companies from various industries, we have understood that synergy is very important in business. By combining and initiating the cooperation of individual elements, we are able to create great things and achieve great goals. That is why, when we notice that our client needs a specific action or product and we know a proven company that can do it for him, we connect them. We know our strengths, as well as the strengths of our trading partners and contractors. We are happy to share our knowledge, experience and contacts. We do this because we want you to grow and develop with us.

Support for Ukraine

As a company, we have been operating on the textile and clothing market for many years, our work ensures the existence and financial security of our relatives, families and friends. Its loss, the need to close the plant, or its complete destruction would have tragic consequences. Today, thousands of entrepreneurs in Ukraine have to face such a tragedy. Their possessions often fell into ruins, fleeing from the war they had to leave their companies, workplaces, their source of income in order to save their lives. Many of them found shelter, a new home in Poland.

We believe that here they will find peace and a safe haven where they will get back on their feet. Help for Ukraine and its citizens is needed on many levels. As a responsible society, we must support our guests and help them regain the strength and independence necessary to face this difficult life situation.

As an experienced production company, we are happy to help entrepreneurs from Ukraine with advice and experience. Our company employs people who speak Ukrainian fluently, so the language barrier is not a problem. If you want to start a business in Poland, we will be happy to provide you with substantive support, we will share our knowledge and experience. For many years we have been cooperating with companies from Poland and abroad operating in various industries.

Visual identification of the company, product marking is an extremely important part of the process of building a recognizable brand in every industry. Our many years of experience allows us to effectively support our business partners in this process. We will also be happy to help you. We believe that by getting back on your feet, gaining financial independence, it will be easier for you to find yourself in a new situation and regain a sense of security.