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What is the estimated cost of the jacquard label?

In order to help you to calculate the preliminary estimated cost it can be assumed that the average price of the one label is between 0,12 PLN/piece and 0,40 PLN/piece. Please note, however, that the price of the label (as well as other elements of the labeling) is determined by several parameters such as size of the label, number of colors used, the technique of weaving etc. Therefore the cost shown above is only approximate. Each project is estimated individually, adjusting its parameters to the individual needs of customers.

What is the lead time of the order?

Woven labels and printed labels – 7 working days.

Carton labels, stickers 2D and 3D – 8 working days.

Elastomers, clothing seals with logo – 10 working days.

Jacquard and printed lanyards – 7 working days.

For each new project the lead time has to be prolonged as the sample has to be prepared.

Is it possible to speed up the lead time of the order for an additional fee?

Each customer is very important for us, so we do not use this practice. However, we always try to be flexible and do our best to help our clients in meeting tight deadlines.

What is needed to prepare the valuation?

In order to prepare the most attractive valuation that meets our clients expectations, contact details (including the telephone number) of the company or the client are needed, as well as the dimensions of the label and the additional information how the cutting and folding has to be made.

What are the terms of the contract and payment?

The orders can be placed by email. The first production is made after getting the prepaid payment. The further orders are made with deferred payment, after obtaining the information that proves business activity.